There are people that are sick and twisted and then there are people that find pleasure having sex with animals which takes it to an entirely darker level.

According to WDIV, Jacob Peltz, 27, from Garden City was charged after posting an ad seeking sex with dogs that triggered an undercover investigation and led to the discovery of an injured rabbit, according to authorities.

Elise Ramsey, an investigator with the Michigan Humane Society went undercover to tackle what she called "incredibly disturbing."

Truly, we were on this case from the complaint -- from then until now, over two years that we were working on this investigation. It was really hard. You had to understand the big picture. This is why I continue to text with this person. The big picture is going to be much better.

A couple of years ago Craigslist got rid of their personals section to help put an end to human trafficking. There was one final post which came from Peltz (he posted anonymously) who was looking to engage in sexual activity with dogs. Yes, you can go puke now.

This sick bastard was charged with a 10-year felony for using a computer to commit a crime, a five-year felony for crimes against nature and animal cruelty for an injured rabbit recovered during the case. Honestly, I don't' even want to know what happened to that poor rabbit.

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