Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his portrayal of the titular character in the Harry Potter films, is reportedly in Flint... and hanging out at Bob Evans?

Not too long ago, I was told Radcliffe is engaged to a woman from Flint, so it kind of makes sense that he might be in town meeting her family around the holidays. According to this article, his fiancee, 29-year-old actress Erin Darke, did in fact grow up in Flint.

Her family probably decided to take Radcliffe "down on the farm" for the mediocre commercialized version of what's considered "home-style" American eats in some circles. We apologize in advance, Daniel. Please do not judge America based on your experience there.

Update: We're being told that he was at the Hill Rd. Bob Evans in Grand Blanc, not Flint as initial reports suggested. He has also reportedly been spotted at Don Pablo's in Flint Township.

Another possibility is that Radcliffe is in town to settle old scores. As anyone I've met that is a fan of the Harry Potter series can tell you (because they ask me immediately upon learning my last name), I have a brother named Tom... Tom Riddle. As you know, a character by that name was Potter's arch-nemesis in disguise. Perhaps he's here to exact sweet, sweet revenge on my bloodline. Bring it on, Potter! Come after the Riddles and you won't be playing Quidditch anytime soon!

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