This incident originally took place back in February near the Indiana border but the dash cam video just recently surfaced.

The dash cam shows a Michigan State Trooper attempting to make a traffic stop but the motorcycle that he was trying to pullover ended up taking off which led to the police chase.

The 19 year-old who was driving the bike eventually lost control and then went after the police officer as he was getting out of his car. If that wasn't enough, the 19 year-old's brother pulled up next to them and he jumped out and went after the cop as well. So now this officer is dealing with two guys on top of him.

Luckily a man and his wife who were passing by spotted the officer in trouble and they stopped to help.

The dash cam video (above) really captures the entire incident as it unfolds. The officer is very lucky that those people stopped to help or he might not be around to tell his story today.

Source: WXYZ