It's not rare to see wandering, lifeless, blood thirsty ghouls on the streets of Flint, but on October 13, 2012, you'll see a whole lot more of them.  You'll also see Ken Foree, one of the stars of zombie classic, Dawn Of The Dead.  Check out the details.



They say when Hell runs out of room, they send the overflow to Flint.  That will be particularly true on October 13, when the fourth annual Flint Zombie Walk takes over the bricks.

This year's event has an extra level of excitement surrounding it, as star of the 1978 movie, Dawn of the Dead, Ken Foree has signed on to marshal the event.  Foree played Peter in George A. Romero's zombie classic, Dawn of the Dead, where he was one of the few survivors in the movie.  Foree won't be dressed as a zombie for the event, to stay true to his character being uninfected.


The Flint Zombie Walk has been successful in years past, the 2011 walk featured almost 700 brain hungry walkers and organizers expect at least that many this year.  Kristina Lakely is in charge of the event and always looking for more undead.  If you're interested in being a part of the walk, information can be found at the Flint Zombie Walk Facebook and while it is a free event, to help cover the cost and to aid their work with the Michigan School for the Deaf, donations can be made to their cause.