While details are scarce at this time, there are reports of yet another shooting incident, this one reportedly taking place on the campus of Texas A&M University.

CNN is reporting that a shooter was taken into custody today (August 13) as part of an "active shooting" that took place either on or near the campus of Texas A&M University. The university apparently warned students to stay away from the areas near Welborn Drive and George Bush Drive in addition to College Drive in College Station.

This is the latest in the recent outbreak of shootings that have taken place in the United States. The incident comes on the heels of the Sikh Temple shooting and the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, where 12 were killed and many more were injured.

We will update this post as soon as more details become available.

Update - 2:45 pm: A report from USA Today says that the shooting occurred just off of campus and that there are "multiple injuries reported" -- some of the injured are believed to be police officers. Despite rumors to the contrary, there are no reports of any fatalities as of yet.

Update 3:00pm - KHOU are now reporting that the shooting has claimed "multiple casualties."

Update 4:30pm - There are two confirmed casualties thus far, one of them has been identified as Constable Brian Bachmann. The police officer was shot approaching the home of the gunman, who has yet to be identified. The gunman was also shot before being taken into custody. Eyewitness reports have indicated that the shooter was using either an M4 or M16 assault rifle.

Update 4:45pm - An unidentified third victim has also been confirmed.