We've been receiving a ton of questions asking, 'What exactly is Mud Factor?' Is it a race or just for fun? Why is it called 'hardcore'? Let us help you out and answer a few of these intriguing questions.

Mud Factor is coming to Mid-Michigan on June 30th at Baja Acres in Millington and many people have no clue what a 'mud factor' is. Mud Factor is a fun 'Hard Core. 5k. Obstacle Run.;' don't let the term 'hardcore' scare you off -- the competition isn't 'hardcore' the obstacles are what make it 'hardcore.'

Yes, the guys at Mud Factor will be providing you with a 'time chip' to track your time, that is just for you to see your accomplishment, as well as competing among friends if you wish.

The accomplishment here ... to just finish the obstacle course, you will receive a medal just for finishing.

The obstacle course will be full of rope climbs, mud pits, steep inclines and more -- if you're not in shape, take your time, there will be a ton of walkers to join. Just remember your own limitations!

If you want more information, to register or to just glimpse at a few of their videos, visit Mud Factor's website.



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