What in the hell is going on with funeral homes in Michigan lately? This is the 3rd funeral home in the last couple weeks that had fetuses hidden within.

Earlier this month we told you about Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit where the remains of 11 fetuses were found hidden in the ceiling. Then last week we got word that police removed 63 fetuses from Perry Funeral Home also in Detroit. Now, according to Fox2,  an asbestos-removal crew discovered the remains of two fetuses at the former Mowen Funeral Home in Owosso yesterday. The remains are decades old and the funeral home has been shut down for over two years.

The bodies were found inside a casket inside a wooden box in a closet in an abandoned second-floor apartment of the former funeral home. What in the hell? Here's the real kicker, markings on the box indicate it is more than 50 years old. Who in the hell keeps dead baby bodies around that long much less at all.

Now, I do understand that sometimes families don't respond when funeral homes or hospitals reach out. I mean I don't understand why they don't respond but I do understand it happens.

I don't know what in the hell is going on. It's all very weird and creepy.