After receiving an anonymous tip Friday evening, police went to Cantrel Funeral Home in Detroit where they found the decomposing remains of 11 babies hidden in the ceiling.

As you can imagine, there are so many unanswered questions surrounding the gruesome find. Why these babies were hidden in the ceiling? Who put them there? Who sent the anonymous tip? Who and where are the parents of these babies?

According to WDIV, back in April, the funeral home's mortuary science establishment license was suspended after state inspectors reported finding decomposing bodies stored in an unrefrigerated garage and a filthy back room. They found 20 bodies, some in caskets, some in cremation containers and the rest (10) were found lying on tables. Apparently, some of the bodies had been there for months decomposing.

Officials hope to identify the infants and notify families as soon as possible.

It's unclear who sent the anonymous letter but it's assumed they were a former employee of the funeral home.