Delta has begun to block out more seats on flights to help customers with social distancing.

In a move to ensure that all customers are far enough away from each other, Delta has begun to block out more seats on their flights. Back in April, Delta blocked the sale of middle seats. Now they are beginning to block select window and aisle seats as well on flights through June 30th.

Delta plans to cap the seating capacity at 50% in the First Class Cabins and at 60% in the Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, and Delta Premium Select. This will make for plenty of room for customers to practice the most social distancing available. If you do have to travel right now with a companion that depends on your help, you are asked to speak to a customer representative to ensure to can be seated as close as possible to each other.

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Delta has other precautions in place to keep customers safe including requiring customers and employees to wear a mask or face covering, extensive cleaning measures before departure, boarding the plane from back-to-front, and more.

I have always enjoyed my experiences on Delta in the past, they are my preferred airline to travel with when possible. While I understand that this is being done for a purpose that no one is happy with, the coronavirus outbreak, I would love to see these changes stay around longer. If I knew that the middle seat would always be empty, I would fly all the time, even if I had nowhere to go. I one seat separation during any travel situation is glorious.

Source: Delta


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