"Just one look...that's all it took".

Technology is pretty cool, and a bit mind-blowing,  when you think about it.  The future of airport travel has arrived at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and thanks to Delta it "looks" pretty impressive.

Delta passengers traveling through Detroit will have a much easier time accessing the travel information thanks to new technology that can be accessed with just a look. Travelers, up to 100, will each see personalized flight information tailored to their unique trip on a single, shared digital screen all through face recognition.

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Using the innovative technology, known as the Parallel Reality experience, will use object detection technology to identify each traveler according to Delta. The cool thing is....it does it all with just a glance. That's it. One look.

“If this new technology can make finding your gate and departure information quicker and easier, we’re not just showing customers a magic trick — we’re solving a real problem,” Ranjan Goswami, Senior Vice President – Customer Experience said in a press release.  “Customers already rely on personalized navigation via their mobile devices, but this is enabling a public screen to act as a personal one – removing the clutter of information not relevant to you to empower a better journey.”

This isn't the first time Detroit has been a "first" for Delta to try new innovative technology. Delta announced in 2021 that customers in Detroit can use their passport number and TSA PreCheck® or Global Entry membership as a digital ID, a way to verify travelers by facial recognition technology.

The new Parallel Reality experience is now open on Concourse A at DTW's McNamara Terminal.

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