The Detroit Lions are back in the police blotter, as third year corner back Aaron Berry was arrested in Pennsylvania this past weekend for suspected DUI and other charges. 

The amount of arrests in the Lions off season has been beyond ridiculous, and defensive back Aaron Berry has added to the rap sheet.  Berry was arrested early Saturday morning in Harrisburg, PA for suspected DUI, causing damage to an unattended vehicle and failure to give information to an officer.

Berry has gone on to apologize for his actions and the Detroit Lions released the following statement regarding the situation,

We are extremely disappointed in the reports involving Aaron Berry and the incident in Pennsylvania this past weekend. This is not the standard of behavior we expect from any member of our organization. We have strongly and repeatedly emphasized the need to be accountable on and off the field, which makes this incident with Aaron all the more disappointing. We will have further comments regarding this situation when appropriate.

Berry's arrest is the sixth one of the off season for the Lions, and I think Lions fans should be concerned.  Football players don't need to be choir boys, but the Lions lack discipline.  It's no wonder why the Lions are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL. Trouble is no longer an isolated event, it's a repeated behavior for the team. All these arrests, Jim Schwartz ready to punch an opposing head coach, the team being unafraid to draft potheads, all seem like examples of a lack of accountability in the organization.  The Lions have all the talent to be a real championship contender, but it seems like they lack the discipline it takes to harness that talent.