We'll Lions fans, the time to get excited for football season is official here.  The Lions picked offensive tackle Riley Reiff in the 2012 draft, and hopefully, he's just the addition we need in the O-Line to help the Lions take the next step.

God, the NFL draft is so drawn out, but we've finally got some answers.  With the 23rd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Lions took Riley Reiff a stud offensive tackle from Iowa.  I'm glad the Honolulu Blue and Silver saw they needed to improve their O Line and I think Reiff is the kind of player who can be a part of the Lions future.   Matt Staff's health is essential to the Lions success and Reiff is going to be the man when it comes to keeping the QB safe.  Reiff has a high motor and if this highlight video is any indicator, he seems to understand the game.  We'll see how well Reiff translates to the much faster, much more complicated NFL game, but I'm pumped for this football season!  GO LIONS!