There are some people that have good luck and some people that have bad luck. The guy that I'm about to tell you about had a little bit of both.

The good luck

A Michigan man recently won $30,000 playing the Michigan lottery. I'm sure he was extremely excited which is why he ran right out and spent $20,000 of his winnings on a gold chain. Probably not the best investment but it was his money to do with as he pleased.

The bad luck

While wearing his new $20,000 gold chain, he walked into a Mobil gas station in the area of West Warren Avenue and Grand Boulevard. While standing at the counter a few guys walked into the store and were obviously looking for an easy target. Well, they found one and he was wearing a gold chain.

While walking out to his car, the men attacked. They chased him back to the doorway of the store and started beating him until they got the $20K gold chain. In the video below, it looks like they got his wallet too.

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The victim said while he was being interviewed by WDIV, that he knew people would get robbed for their jewelry. Even though he knew it could happen he still walked into that gas station showing off his expensive chain.

The entire incident was caught on camera and the gas station owner said that he recognized one of the men as it wasn't his first time coming into steel someone's jewelry.

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