A Detroit man recently went viral after posting a TikTok video explaining how to tint the windows on your vehicle.

Matt with Detroit Tint Studio picked up over 12 million views on one video for a simple 30-second demonstration.

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Matt made the TikTok after replying to a question from one of his many followers.

I am trying to tint my front window on dry but it's sticking on the glass, can you please tell me why? Or what I should do?

Matt demonstrated the complications that you'll run into if you attempt to tint a dry window. He then explained the importance of soap and water and how it's a must when tinting your vehicle's windows.

This isn't Matt's only window tinting video to explode and go viral, he has a number of TikToks that have picked up millions of views.

In one of Matt's videos (below), he explains why you shouldn't use Windex when tinting your windows.

In another successful video which picked up over 8 million views, he breaks down how to eliminate window tint air pockets.

Matt's videos are filled with lots of helpful information on window tinting.

The thing that surprised me the most was how many people were interested in window tinting. Who knew?

Back in February, we posted a story on whether or not you could get in trouble for having tinted windows in Michigan. Yes, you can have tinted windows in the state of Michigan but there are some restrictions.

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