The Detroit Pistons are looking for a new head coach and president of basketball operations with the firing of Stan Van Gundy on Monday.

Pistons owner Tom Gores said in the press conference that over the past two seasons the team has not progressed and that the organization decided a change was necessary to regain our momentum. Over the watchful eye of Van Gundy, the Pistons have missed the playoffs three out of the four seasons. The only playoff appearance was in 2016 in which the team was swept in the first round by Cleveland. In my book with the amount of payroll that the team has along with a new arena missing the playoffs for just one year is unacceptable. A change was needed.

Even with the midseason addition of power forward and all-star Blake Griffin the Pistons just could not get the pieces to fit for the season and are once again looking towards the future now with a new coach on the horizon. Fingers are being pointed at both owner and coach. Piston fans are letting owner Tom Gores have it on social media. Now its time to sit back and wait and see how the cards will fall. Van Gundy lead the Pistons to a record of 152-176 over the four seasons as head coach.



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