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You see ads on the floor of the grocery store. They're sometimes in urinals. (Half of you will have to trust me on this.) There's probably an advertisement or two visible on your screen right now. And soon the Detroit Red Wings will be selling ad space on their helmets.

The Michigan-based company United Wholesale Mortgage has entered into an agreement with the Detroit Red Wings franchise to display advertising on players' helmets. The company's logo will be plastered on the team's home, away, and practice helmets, according to the Detroit News.

"We are excited to welcome UWM as the official mortgage partner of the Detroit Red Wings, and for this innovative, Michigan-based business to be the first-ever featured partner on our iconic red and white helmets," Chris Granger, group president, Sports & Entertainment, Ilitch Holdings, Inc., said in a statement. "It's a pleasure to work with UWM and we look forward to partnering with them for years to come."

The move is not a new one, as many teams in the National Hockey League have opted to sell ad space on players' helmets in order to offset financial losses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wings' General Manager Steve Yzerman tells the paper he supports the move.

“We have to be creative. Obviously, our revenues have taken a significant hit,” Yzerman said.

The Detroit Red Wings' season begins on January 14.

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