Two Detroit Red Wings players have their names spelled wrong on the Stanley Cup.

You would think that with the Stanley Cup being such a prestigious trophy that someone would have double-checked the spelling of those being added to it. Currently, there are two former Detroit Red Wings that have their names spelled wrong on hockey's most sought-after trophy.

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At one point, there were four errors in the spelling of Red Wings members on the Stanley Cup, but two have since been corrected. In 2001-2002, Red Wings goalie Manny Legace was incorrectly spelled as "Lagace." In 2007-2008, Red Wings left wing Tomas Holstrom was spelled as "Homstrom." Both of these have since been corrected.

Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Victory Parade
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According to Wikipedia, there is actually a fifth misspelling when it comes to the Detroit Red Wings. Goalie Glenn Hall was added to the cup after their Stanley Cup win in 1952. Hall was added even though he had not even played his first NHL game by that time. He was called up from Detroit's minor system to be a backup goalie in the finals.  His name was misspelled as "Glin." I was also unable to find out if this has been corrected.

2017 Rogers NHL Centennial Classic Alumni Game - Detroit v Toronto
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The two remaining errors date back to the 1950s. In the 1951-1952 additions to the Stanley Cup, two misspellings appeared. Red Wings coach, Tommy Ivan, is spelled as "Tommy Nivan," and center/left wing Alex Delvecchio is spelled as "Alex Belvecchio."

To get more information on the Stanley Cup or see what other players' names have been spelled wrong, click here. 

Source: Hockey Hall of Fame

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