In the never ending battle for pizza supremacy, I don't feel that Detroit-style pizza gets enough credit.

Having grown up in St. Clair Shores and having my big brother run a pizza shop, I was raised on deep dish, "Detroit-style" pizza. I don't care who you are, but a large pepperoni and mushroom from Jets will always turn my day around. I have had New York-style pizza and I wasn't super impressed. A couple months ago I was in Chicago to see the Foo Fighters and was able to get authentic Chicago-style pizza and have a major problem with it. Why the hell do the put the sauce on top? Don't get me wrong, the Chicago-style was really good, but I felt it lacked compared to Detroit-style.

These guys decided to take the Detroit-style and add a New York twist as the call it. To me, I like the toppings they mention in the video, but they're also putting sauce on the top. Stop it!

What's your favorite style of pizza?


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