The Secret League of Smart Ass Science Bitches That Ruin Everything We Love (also known as "doctors") are at it again. This time they're warning us that our wire brush, the one we use every time we're about to slightly overcook some Koegels on the grill, is trying to murder us. Fantastic.

I love to grill. In fact, we've already burned through a tank and a half of gas since April. I use a wire brush to clean that grill. Now they're saying that a piece of that brush could fall off and get all up in that rectum... or worse! Ay dios mio.

Chances are that you wouldn't see said piece of wire if it did fall off and then it could get in your burger, hot dog, pork chop, full rack of barbecue ribs, medium to medium rare filet mignon, wine and garlic marinated chicken breast, bacon-wrapped asparagus... did you even know you could make bacon-wrapped asparagus on the grill? That ish is dominant! I like to throw some cheese in the mix too and I'm always looking for an excuse to buy some gouda so... damn, I'm hungry! What were we talking about?

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