The story of Dominick Calhoun is a tragic reminder of how vulnerable children are, and how as a community, we need to do everything we can to protect them from abuse.  The Michigan House passed 'Dominick's Law' which will strengthen child abuse penalties, and create penalties for abuse in front of others.

Dominick Calhoun, from Argentine Township, aged 4,was brutally beat to death by his mother's boyfriend during April of 2010.  The story rocked the local community, and luckily, the monster behind the beating is currently serving 2 life sentences.

Now, 'Dominick's Law' has been passed by the Michigan house, and will hopefully help other children avoid the horrible fate that Dominick faced.  'Dominick's Law' will strengthen penalties for first and second degree child abuse and establish penalties for abusing a child in the presence of another child.

One of the main supporters of the bill, state Representative Joseph Graves, was quoted,

This legislation hits very close to home for me as Dominick Calhoun was beaten to death right in my home community.  By strengthening penalties for child abuse in Michigan, we are giving the courts the tools to properly punish criminals for committing child abuse.

The state senate will have to pass the bill, and is expected to do so next week.