When the world faces Armageddon, it's nice knowing the rich will be well taken care of in these luxury condo bunkers. The rest of us will have to make the best of it (die a painful death) in our typical Michigan basements.

This pisses me and amazes me at the same time. It pisses me off because I know I will never be able live this kind of luxury pre-doomsday, much less when the big bomb drops.With that said, it amazes me that something so amazing can be built so far underground. I mean, these bunkers for the rich come with an indoor pool, dog park, spa, gym, cinema, grocery store, gun range, hospital, jail and more. All that buried underground somewhere in the middle of Kansas.

Like I said, this luxury bunker is made for the rich and comes with a hefty price tag of $3 million big ones for a full floor.

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