After breaking their personal record of two consecutive albums with one singer, hard rockers Drowning Pool have announced the departure of vocalist Ryan McCombs.

Drowning Pool have found success under three separate and very different frontmen -- that's something not many (and possibly no other) bands can say. Where most bands don't survive losing one singer, Drowning Pool must now prove that they can stay afloat after losing three.

The band's most difficult task came very early in their career with the death of original vocalist Dave Williams -- who passed just as things were taking off for the band. Singer Jason Jones stepped behind the microphone for Drowning Pool's sophomore album 'Desensitized,' which did well on the strength of the hit single 'Step Up.'  Ultimately, that situation crumbled but the band again found success with former SOiL vocalist Ryan McCombs -- who has fronted the band from 2006 until yesterday.

In a press release announcing the departure of McCombs, guitarist C.J. Pierce examined the band's inability to find the right vocalist for the job:

"We have always been a band who has gained success despite having multiple singers...maybe we suffer from reverse lead singer’s disease. Changing things up has not always been easy, but the band has become re-energized time and time again. We are looking to find a new singer who will give both us and, and most importantly our fans, the new adrenaline shot they deserve. We do wish Ryan great success in his future endeavors."

McCombs recently rejoined former band SOiL for some UK tour dates, there is no word whether that is related to the split with Drowning Pool -- who are now searching for a suitable replacement for McCombs and have already begun the writing process for their fifth studio record.