Weddings are expensive (duh). That being said if money is no object and you are a huge Steven Tyler fan, he will marry you for $200,000.

TMZ caught up with the Aerosmith front man at LAX airport in Los Angeles and Tyler revealed he is indeed an ordained minister and recently performed a marriage ceremony for his son. Who else would he marry? Apparently Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Steven gives Bieber a shout out in the video above, and asks him to call if he needs a minister.

Steven spent just $80 dollars to become an ordained minister via the internet. Anyone can do that. However, if you are ordained - the chances of you getting paid $200,000  to perform a ceremony are slim and none. I was asked to perform a marriage ceremony in the summer of 2019.Maybe I should up my fee? First, I need to get ordained. I hope I don't forget. Wah Wah.






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