A well-respected minister from St. Clair Shores was recently the victim of an ambush and beating while driving through Roseville.

51-year-old Derek Hill was going out for a late-night bite when he noticed a smoking car pulled over on the side of Gratiot. He pulled over to help the two men and a woman, that's when they sucker-punched him and forced him out of his charity van called "Last Supper Mobile Ministry." They forced Hill to the ground and beat and kicked him in the face.

By the sounds of it, the suspects were probably just waiting for the first person to come along. Unfortunately, that person was Derek Hil.

James Galen Jr, Hill's Attorney:

The side of his ears here you can see is all chewed up. His face has multiple bruises and contusions, His eyes are black. Bloody nose.  His lip is torn up terribly bad so that they couldn't put stitches in it.

The most upsetting thing to Hill was the fact that they stole his van which was full of food for the homeless. He's just asking that they return his van which I would think would be easy to find because it says "Last Supper Mobile Ministry" on the side of it.

This poor guy is just trying to do good things for his community and help others in need and then all of a sudden his life is turned upside down when these rotten scumbags ambushed him.

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