The guys were live this morning for Dumber Than The Show Trivia with a jackpot worth $200.

Joseph was on hand to take on Hot Wings for the money. It was a small jackpot but cash money nonetheless. I have to give it to Joesph as it is way harder in front of a live crowd.

The questions were:

  1. What is the capitol of Peru?
  2. The first temple of what religion was completed in 1836 in Ohio, not Utah?
  3. The men who buried this Hun were put to death so his grave would never be found?
  4. In bowling scoring, what does and "X" represent?
  5. What branch of the military did Edgar Allen Poe join under the pseudonym Edgar Allen Perry?

Check it out here to see who won and what the pot will be tomorrow morning. You can catch and maybe win money every weekday morning with Dumber Than The Show Trivia on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.

Source: FBHW

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