Hot Wings was back in action this morning for Dumber than the Show Trivia. He took on Jennie for a jackpot of $300.

The jackpot is slowly beginning to climb again and was worth $300 this morning. Jennie started the game by quickly passing on the first question and then answered the rest of them relatively quickly. Hot Wings, on the other hand, breezed through the questions pretty quickly.

The question were:

  1. What James Bond film featured an Olympic weight lifting silver medalist named Harold Sekata playing a character named "Oddjob?"
  2. Which is the smallest of the four generally recognized oceans?
  3. Name one of the last two countries in the world, alphabetically.
  4. What type of creature was Bambi's friend Flower?
  5. It is believed that Henry David Thoreau invented this type of loaf with dried fruit baked inside.

Check out the video for the answers and to see what the jackpot will be tomorrow morning!