The jackpot was a nice chunk of change this morning sitting at $800 this morning on the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show.

Listener Chris was up against Hot Wings for the money. Chris did pretty well and had a pretty decent time. Hot Wings had a few rereads but cruised through the questions pretty easily.

The questions this morning were:

  1. What is the leading industry of the Bahamas?
  2. What country took the most casualties in World War II?
  3. After the original 13 colonies, what was the first state admitted to the Union?
  4. What is the second largest city in Colorado?
  5. What two teams will meet in game one of the NBA finals tonight?

Check out the video here to see who won and what the jackpot will be tomorrow morning on Dumber Than The Show Trivia. With it being Friday, Joe will be in the hot seat against someone.

Source: FBHW

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