We were treated to a special live version of Dumber Than The Show Trivia as the guys were in Decatur, IL this morning.

The jackpot was worth $700 and a member of the live audience took on Joe for the money. You could have the chance to do the same as the Free Beer and Hot Wings show will be live at The Jewel of Grand Blanc on April 19th! Get your tickets here. 

The questions this morning were:

  1. Name one of the two longest wars that the U.S. was involved with.
  2. What was the Big Lebowski's favorite drink?
  3. What is the glass like substance used in painting decorations on China, whether over or under, called?
  4. In 1960, Brazil's capital was moved from what city to Rio De Janeiro?
  5. The Buffalo Bayou was widened and deepened to open this inland Texas town to shipping?

Check the video out above to see if the pot goes up to $800 on Monday or resets to $100.

Source: FBHW