The guys from the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show are enjoying a long St. Paddy's Day vacation. You're next chance to win money with Dumber Than The Show Trivia will be on Monday.

Before taking off on vacation, Hot Wings competed against JJ for a $200 round of trivia. JJ passed on two questions costing him a little bit of time. Hot Wings struggled a bit as well asking for two rereads. This game was decided by the final question.

The questions were:

  1. The lowest spot and the highest spot in South America are both in what country?
  2. What is the term for a musician that plays the cymbals, drums, or xylophone?
  3. Into what would you insert your hands for warmth into this fur or wool cylinder open at both ends?
  4. What type of headache is caused by pressure behind your cheekbones and nose?
  5. A U.S. Treasury Bond, called a James Bond, matured in what year?

Check out the video of the game here. 

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