Calling all fans of The Eagles, an awesome tribute to the band is coming to the world-famous Machine Shop this Friday, November 26th.

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Tickets are only $15 in advance and are on sale now. 18 years of age and up are always welcome at The Machine Shop with proper identification.

According to The Eagles Project website, the band will also cover individual solo projects from original members of The Eagles. This tribute band is known for recreating the sound of The Eagles like no other tribute. The band features the following musicians,

  • Rick Kern Guitars/Lead Vocals
  • Tim Keyes Guitars/Lead Vocals
  • Greg Amburgy Bass/Lead Vocals
  • Brian Coleman Guitars/Lead Vocals
  • Ken Fullam Keyboards
  • Greg Tulley Drums/Backing Vocals

You can check out a few videos from The Eagles Project below. I look forward to seeing you at the show - it's going to be awesome.

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