I really like the song 'Shallow' from the movie 'A Star Is Born.' I think Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga absolutely nailed that song. However, there are other good songs performed in the movie - including one recently covered by Eddie Vedder.

Vedder covered 'Maybe It's Time' on stage in Tempe, Arizona. Bradley Cooper's character Jackson Maine in 'A Star Is Born' is from Tempe in the film. Vedder prefaced that before singing the song. Bradley Cooper reportedly met with Eddie Vedder when he was writing the Jackson Maine character. According to Cooper, he asked Vedder "9,000 questions" in regards to portraying a rock star.

If you are a fan of Eddie Vedder, chances are you know he composed the soundtrack for the 2007 movie 'Into The Wild.' To this day, it is one of my favorite albums. If you have not yet heard it, definitely give it a listen. As for his version of 'Maybe It's Time' - I dig it, do you?

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