For those that need their movie popcorn fix, Emagine Theatre in Birch Run will be selling concessions curbside tomorrow.

I think we can all agree that no matter how hard you try, you can't make homemade popcorn taste like movie theatre popcorn. For those like me that love movie theatre popcorn, we have been missing that greasy deliciousness. Fortunately, Emagine Theatre in Birch Run knows that and is coming to our rescue.

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On Saturday, June 19th, (tomorrow,) customers will be able to pick up their favorite concession snacks or a gift card at the theatre. Emagine Birch Run will be open from noon until 7 pm for a curbside pick of those snacks. Snack fans have to options when if comes to acquiring their fix:

  • Drive-Up Concession Options:
    • Family Size Popcorn - $15
    • Candy - $2.50
    • Cotton Candy - $4.50
    • Cookie Dough - $5.75
    • Nachos - $6.75
  • Call Ahead Curbside Options:
    • French Fries - $4
    • Pretzel Bites - $8.75
    • Chicken Tenders - $10.50
    • Ultimate Munchies Combo - $18
    • Party Size Popcorn (size of 12+ large popcorns) - $60

Beverages and bottled drinks will also be available.

Plan a movie night with dad for Father's Day and pick up all his favorite snacks, he will definitely appreciate that. If you don't know what his favorite candy is, go with Snowcaps, you can never go wrong with those.

If you want to pick up concessions or a gift card, be sure to place your order ahead of time. To do that, you can call 989-624-3461. Check out the full menu here and enjoy a movie with friends and family this weekend. Even though we can't see a movie in the theater right now, this is the next best thing.


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