College students venturing back to EMU in the fall will now have the option to stay in a room by themselves.

Eastern Michigan University has taken a step for students that will enable them to decided whether or not they want to live with a roommate this fall. The new "EMU Single Room Guarantee" will offer a single room in an on-campus residence hall for every student that requests one.

In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Eastern Michigan University has taken steps to react to the growing concerns about physical distancing and safe spaces for students enrolled in the fall semester. Those students that want to live alone will have the "EMU Single Room Guarantee" and those students who want a roommate still have that option as well.

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Since Eastern Michigan University has spent $90 million renovating the buildings on campus, they now have the flexibility to provide this guarantee to students. A single room will cost about $2,500 more per year than a shared room, but students will be offered certain discounts. Those in a single room will be offered a credit to reduce the cost of the room to only $100 per month more than a shared room.

Eastern Michigan University has teamed with health experts, nurses, experts in facility cleaning and disinfection, and more to make sure the fall semester is as safe as it can be for students and staff. Some of the actions taken include more online classes, larger spaces to allow for social distancing, safe dining options, and more. Get all the details on the "EMU Single Room Guarantee" and their COVID-19 precations here. 


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