In This Moment have spilled the 'Blood' of all their opposition thus far. As they approach the finish line, they may run into a tough battle with Evans Blue, who've proven themselves formidable opponents in the past. Tonight we have two kick ass songs, but only one will survive The Cockfight!

  • 'Halo'

    Evans Blue[audio://]

    This is the second single from Evans Blue's latest album 'Graveyard of Empires.' Catch E|B when they return to rock The Machine Shop on July 6th.

  • 'Blood'

    In This Moment[audio://]

    'Blood' is the first single and title track from the band's upcoming fourth album. The album hits stores August 14th, just three days after they take the stage at the Birch Run Expo Center for Dirt Fest 2012 (August 11th).