Evans Blue

Fight or Flight
With singer David Draiman leading Device and bassist John Moyer rocking out in Adrenaline Mob, we've known what half of Disturbed have been doing during the band's hiatus. But now, it's guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren's turn to st…
Hear New Hollywood Undead
One of Flint's favorites, Evans Blue pulled off an impressive victory last night and returns to defend the title against up and comers A Simple Complex. Let's Cockfight yo!
Hear New Hollywood Undead
Evans Blue return as victors in The Cockfight, but will the EB Nation be strong enough to take down Hollywood Undead's new single 'We Are.' Click through to hear both song and vote for your fave now, it's a Cockfight!
Evans Blue Vs. In This Moment – Cockfight
In This Moment have spilled the 'Blood' of all their opposition thus far. As they approach the finish line, they may run into a tough battle with Evans Blue, who've proven themselves formidable opponents in the past. Tonight we have two kick ass songs, but only one will survive The Co…

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