Everyone is having a blast making themselves look believably old with FaceApp's recently improved old age filter, but almost no one is talking about (or reading) the fine print.

Terms of service suck. I've said on numerous occasions that I rarely read the terms of service on digital platforms. Honestly, I think most people are that way. It could say that I agree to let Tom Cruise and John Travolta sacrifice my firstborn son to appease great Lord Zenu and I would have no idea, because all terms of service read as follows for me:

"scroll, scroll, scroll, click agree."

As it turns out, sometimes we agree to some sketchy stuff without realizing it. Remember a few years back when everyone was freaking out about Facebook's terms of service and posting these:

Facebook terms
Facebook terms

First of all, that's not how this works. Once you've agreed -- you've agreed. Second of all, get ready to freak out all over again, because the sketchily worded terms of service you've already agreed to are back, baby. And this time, there's a twist -- RUSSIANS.

Check out this screener of FaceApp's terms of service:

That's right. They have access to your phone and permission to use your photos, name, face, likeness, voice, persona, etc. And who are the they in this scenario? Yup, the good old Russkies.

Vladi Daddy and those darn mischievous soviets are back at it, doing sneaky online stuff just in time for the 2020 election. What is it about Russian hackers, sketchy terms of service, and apps with "Face" in the title? Maybe we should just pass on any "Face___" apps moving forward.

Now is this a big secret plot to destroy America from the inside out? Maybe, but probably not. This information on the heels of Stranger Things 3 is probably adding a little extra paranoia, but I'm sure we'll be fine... Probably. If not, at least we got to see what we would have looked like as old people before we all got nuked in WWIII. Good times.

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