Here's a fact: Facebook has you labeled as very liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative, or very conservative. If you don't believe me, you can look for yourself.

A few weeks back when everyone was freaking out about Facebook privacy and what not, I downloaded a copy of my Facebook data. To be honest, it wasn't that bad. Some folks reported Facebook keeping track of text messages and call logs, but none of that showed up in mine.

I was able to move on without losing any sleep over what Zuckerberg and friends had on me pretty easily. It turns out the really creepy stuff is in a different section of your profile.

So today I was scrolling through a meme group I frequent and there was a random meme that said Facebook has you labeled under one of five political affiliations. I immediately thought, "well that's definitely BS," but nope. It's 100% true... and that's not all they have on you.

In order to see what how they labeled your politics, and other creeper info like what kind of phone you have and whether or not you're close friends with any women who have birthdays coming up, all you have to do is click settings>ads>your information>your categories. Check out some of the data (I blurred a lot of info on devices though) they had in their profile on me.


We've known Facebook was selling our data to advertisers for years. I know you remember a few years back when the new terms of service launched and everybody put up that dumbass post that said "I do not give Facebook permission to share my info with advertisers ... don't share this, you have to copy and paste as your status or it doesn't count." I hate to break it to you guys (again), but it didn't work.

We all agreed to this by using Facebook. It's their platform and you're a fool if you think they're not going to leverage the information we share to make money in ways that are, believe it or not, completely legal. Even though I am well aware of how ad tracking and other systems of that nature operate, it's still creepy to see the little advertiser profile that Facebook keeps on me.

There are a number of options to change what they keep track of, but who knows if they'll really keep that info private. Man, I can't wait until Facebook isn't a thing anymore. It used to be a lot of fun, but now it's just people bitching at each other over politics and a constant pain in the ass.

So just remember that every time you post something -- Old Zucky is out there. He's out there and he's watching. Always watching...


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