After years of users demanding it, Facebook has finally given us the ability to do more than just "like" status updates. The long-awaited Facebook Reactions just launched today, and social media is about to get really, really interesting. Hold onto your butts -- this is a game-changer.

At some point today, Facebook launched their new reactions feature, which basically adds the cast of 'Inside Out' to your "Like" button. Now, you can show how you feel about a Facebook post by reacting with Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry -- each of which has its own emoji. The Angry reaction is Facebook's clever answer to the long-demanded "dislike" button -- It's just expressive enough to satisfy the haters without being so directly negative that it alienates or intimidates users... well, in theory. We'll see how it all plays out in our news feed soon enough.

I'm kind of excited to see how these new reactions will become an agent of sarcasm for the masses. As a card-carrying smartass, nothing will make me happier than the Sad count on posts about the next Nickelback album.