Talk all the junk you want to about Flint, but you can't deny there is some delicious food in the 810.  Check out my top 5 of food you can only get in Flint.

Number Five: Bangkok Peppers

With locations in Grand Blanc and Fenton, Bangkok Peppers is easily the best option around for Thai food.  And don't get scared off by the term 'Thai Food' because it basically means better Chinese food.  The serving sizes are ridiculously huge and the prices are surprisingly cheap. The cheese rolls are out of this world, and it's nice that you get to decide the spiciness of each dish.  I usually get the Sweet and Sour Pork but everything I've ever ate there has been awesome.

Number Four: Donna's Donuts

There's nothing better than eating donuts in the morning, and nobody does them better than Donna's.  Donna's Donuts have been a part of the Flint community since 1963 and it's no surprise they've been successful for that long.  Donna's makes their donuts fresh every day, and have been using the same ingredients since they opened.  I've never had a bad donut from Donna's but the peanut butter and jelly has to be the best.  You would think other donut shops would get hip to topping their jellies with nutty topping, but Donna's Donuts is the only place I've ever seen them.

Number 3: Halo Burger QP

When it comes to burgers in Flint, you're wasting your time if you don't get Halo Burger.  Really, the only way to make a QP better is to double the meat and get the Beefy Double.  Aside from the burgers, Halo Burger also has awesome onion rings and don't forget a Boston Cooler to wash everything down with.

Number Two: Big John's Steak and Onion

Big John's is so legit.  The Steak and Onion has been a Flint staple since 1973 and features the best subs you can get in Flint.  The sandwiches are always stuffed to the brim and come in sizes up to 16 inches.  I usually load mine with cheese and mushrooms, and I go nuts with the red sauce, a Big Jonn's exclusive.

Number One: Flint Style Coney at Angelo's Coney Island

Was there really even a question on what would top this list?  Flint Style Coney Dogs are the best in the world, hands down.  It all starts with a Koegel hot dog.  You've gotta serve the curve.  Other wieners will not do.  Then you top it with Abbot's coney sauce, onions, and yellow mustard.  The coney sauce is drier than other styles of coney, and honestly, they are much better.  Angelo's makes them better than anyone in the business and honestly, nothing taste like Flint like a coney.