A father from Kentucky recently flipped out so bad after losing a video game that he (allegedly) punched his 1-month-old son in the head. The punch to the head ultimately killed the helpless little boy.

According to WNEM, Anthony Trice, 26, eventually threw the video game controller and then struck his baby in the head with his fist. Moments later, the dad picked up his infant son and walked to the kitchen to prepare a bottle when he dropped the child.

When this loser realized there was something wrong with his son, he called 911. Wouldn't he have known something was wrong with him after he punched him in the freaking head?

He's been charged with murder...and rightfully so.

I've seen people absolutely freak out playing video games and I've never understood it whatsoever. This, however, is an extremely over the top case of video game rage.


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