If you are familiar with Fenton, you are most likely familiar with the Red Fox Outfitters building. The store closed in March of 2020, and a new applicant would like to turn the empty building into a banquet facility for weddings, events, and more.

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According to the Tri-County Times, the applicant behind the proposal is Fenton resident Luc Birchmeier. The building itself is owned by Phil Hagerman, who from all accounts likes the idea of a potential banquet facility.

What city planners don't like about the idea is parking. The parking lot now is not nearly big enough to accommodate a large number of vehicles. In my opinion, that really is the only con in a long lists of pros. As pointed out in the proposal, this type of facility would bring a lot of people into Fenton, which translates into revenue for Fenton businesses.

I have never been a bride, but I have been a bridesmaid and a wedding reception guest. In my opinion, this building has way better ambiance for a party or large gathering than a stuffy old hall.

That being said, don't start planning your son or daughters graduation party there just yet. Until a parking solution is proposed, the banquet facility idea is on hold. Although, I have a feeling that will not be the case for long.

So what do you think about this? Would this be the type of banquet center you would be interested in renting? Feel free to share your thoughts, I am especially interested from Fenton residents that currently live near the Red Fox Outfitter building.

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