A Fenton, Michigan woman may just spin her way into becoming a millionaire thanks to the Michigan Lottery.

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The lucky lady along with four other Michigan contestants will appear on the Michigan Lottery show 'The Big Spin'. According to ABC 12, each contestant will win a minimum of $100,000 and each of them has an opportunity to win up to $2 million dollars on the show.

So how did Fenton resident Kaitlyn VanDamme get selected to participate in 'The Big Spin'? By purchasing a losing Michigan Lottery Big Spin scratch-off ticket. VanDamme then entered her spin codes on the Michigan Lottery website for a second opportunity at winning.

Will Kaitlyn's lucky streak continue? We will find out when 'The Big Spin' airs live on Monday, December 19th. The show is hosted by former Detroit Piston John Salley.

The thing with the lottery is you can't win if you don't play. I tell myself that every time I purchase a ticket. More often than not I play Mega Millions or Powerball when there is a giant jackpot. I think I might now be persuaded into buying a Big Spin instant ticket.

You can see in the video below how 'The Big Spin' is played in the video clip below. Here is to hoping that Kaitlyn VanDamme of Fenton, Michigan is a big winner, either way - there are no losers in this game.

Good luck Kaitlyn, we hope your spin makes you a millionaire.

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