Some people say the truth can be stranger than fiction, and I say that truth can suck it.  It's so much easier to come up with a fictional band than it is to practice, and write songs and all the other crap that comes with being in a real band.  Here's my list of the top 5 bands that rocked without ever really existing.

Number 5: Spinal Tap - This is Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap set the standard for fictional bands, and they set it pretty damn high.  These dudes took the rock and roll lifestyle to awesome new highs and lows, even back in the early 80's.  They stuffed their pants, made chicks smell the glove, turned their amps up to 11, and recorded hits such as 'Hell Hole' 'Heavy Duty' and 'Sex Farm'.

Number Four: Jesse and The Rippers - Full House

Okay, Jesse and The Rippers weren't the hardest rocking dudes in the game, but they had a pretty decent amount of success.  They signed with Fat Fish Records, toured the world, worked with music legends The Beach Boys, and even had a number one song, Forever.  Plus Aunt Becky was smoking hot and I'm pretty sure being the front man in a band helped Jesse land that piece of ass.

Number Three: Wyld Stallyns - Bill and Ted Movies

Wyld Stallyns music wasn't just awesome, it made the world a perfect utopian society.  That's why it was so important to make sure that Bill and Ted passed their history test, which is the entire premise of the movie.  The only real problem with Wyld Stallyns is that they let their girlfriends into the band, which seems like a terrible decision, but ends up working out pretty well for the two.

Number Two: Timmy and The Lords of The Underworld - South Park

It was hard to pick just one band from the South Park universe, but Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld just have a more real sound to them than Faith +1 or Moop.  Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld only had one track that was self titled, but it was a ridiculously kick ass song.  Featuring deep meaningful lyrics such as "Darkness fills my heart with pain/And when girls start to sleep with girls/His love will rise again!" and "Timmah!"

Number One: Dethklok - Metalocalypse

Dethklok is easily the greatest fictional band ever.  They have absolutely brutal music, spend their days destroying things, doing drugs and banging hot chicks, and all the band members are hilarious in their own way.  Dethklok is the world's 7th largest economy and the band is not afraid to lose some fans, as many are killed during every concert.  Dethklok actually has a touring band and features show creator Brendan Small(from Home Movies) as the lead singer.