"A Festivus for the Rest of Us!" - Frank Costanza

For those unfamiliar with Festivus, it is a non-commercial holiday that is meant to be celebrated as an alternative to the pressures of the usual Christmas holiday season. It is a very simple, yet powerful holiday.

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Even though Festivus was made famous on a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, the holiday was actually created by the O'Keefe family as far back as 1966. However, it can be best explained by Frank Costanza in the Seinfeld episode called "The Strike."

So how do you celebrate Festivus? Well, it is easier than you think. The five main components of Festivus are listed below:

#1 - The Festivus Pole

No Christmas tree is needed for Festivus. Thanks to its very high strength-to-weight ratio, the focal point of the holiday is simply an aluminum pole, as tinsel can be distracting. #FestivusSavesTrees

#2 - Festivus Dinner

To kick off Festivus, you begin with a celebratory dinner. While there are no particular dinner items that need to be included, turkey, ham, or meatloaf are often served.

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#3 - The Airing of Grievances

Once dinner has been served, the Airing of Grievances can begin. This tradition is when you tell your family all of the ways they have disappointed you in the past year. It is very good for your mental health and let's be honest, beginning a tirade with the phrase "I've got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it!" is just soothing to the soul.

#4 - The Feats of Strength

This Festivus tradition takes place immediately following Festivus dinner. At this point, the head of the household selects one person to have the honor of being challenged to a wrestling match. Festivus continues until the head of the household is pinned by the challenger.

#5 - Festivus Miracles

Festivus miracles can be anything. If dinner was delicious...a Festivus Miracle. Friends are reconnected...a Festivus Miracle. Not spilling food on your clothes...a Festivus Miracle. Anything can be proclaimed a Festivus miracle.

Now that you know how to celebrate Festivus, mark it on your calendar. Festivus is celebrated every year on December 23rd. Happy Festivus friends!

Source: Wikipedia

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