I finally had the opportunity to make it to the new Flanagan's Pub in Lapeer this past Friday and it was awesome. I had so much fun and I know you will too. Flanagan's Pub has it all from great food and drinks to endless entertainment.

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Flanagan's has hosted a magician as well as numerous bands, and this Saturday night the pub will be hosting a Drag Queen Show. If you are not familiar with Drag Queen Shows, prepare to be amazed. I asked one of the shows stars, JonBenet, to explain what you can expect to see and hear at the show,

A drag show involves performers singing or lip-syncing to songs while performing a planned pantomime or dancing. There might also be some comedy, skits, and audience interaction.

Take it from me and JonBenet, Drag Queen Shows are the best. They are so much fun and very entertaining. Trust me - you are in for a real treat. Other than the entertainers, the best part is the show is FREE! That's right, there is no charge at all for the show.

If you do want a guaranteed seat, I suggest getting there early. The show itself kicks off at 9:30 PM. Definitely plan accordingly so you are not shut out. I have a strong feeling this show is going to draw a lot of people.

Good luck to JonBenet and the rest of the shows stars. I know this is going to be the talk of the town - as it should be. This is a show not  to be missed.

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