A local business known for using their roadside location as showcase for unpopular opinions has placed a semi-trailer painted in support of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign alongside Center Rd in Flint.

You might remember Ace Auto Salvage as the place that posted the "Justice for George Zimmerman" sign or the "No Gays Running the Boy Scouts" trailer -- if not, click here to see those -- along Center Rd. Now you can add "the place with the Vote for Trump trailer in front" to that list.

The large semi trailer sitting in plain view of drivers on Center Rd (near Robert T. Longway Blvd) reads "Vote Donald Trump for President / Make America Great Again" and features a large, and actually well-done rendering of Donald's face. Trump has a history of plastering his name on pretty much any surface he can, so we imagine he would be quite proud of this giant D.I.Y. campaign sign.

Editor's Note: The remainder of the article contains the opinions of the author, and if you're a Trump supporter -- you probably will not appreciate said opinions. However, the same free speech that allows these clowns rub their opinions in everyone's face allows me to voice mine.

If it comes as a surprise that people who imply unspeakably ugly ideas like all gays are pedophiles or you should be able to shoot a black guy that makes you nervous would be Trump supporters -- you may need to take another look at the sideshow currently being referred to as his campaign. Of course, people like that support the most arrogant blowhard with the ugliest ideas. If you are a Trump supporter -- look around and get comfortable. These are your people.

Donald Trump has always been a polarizing figure, even more so now that he's running for President. Even though there is a pretty extreme hatred for "The Donald" in some circles, I can't imagine anything bad happening to a giant, spray-painted picture of his face on the side of the road in Flint. Nobody would think of defacing such a giant and beautiful display of free speech, especially not at night when that road is lightly trafficked and poorly lit.