Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis is throwing Mayor Karen Weaver under the bus, or, in this case, the garbage truck, over the recent contract dispute that lead to a halt in trash collection. He even went as far as claiming that she is a puppet for former mayor Woodrow Stanley.

The recent trash dispute has caused a rift in local government, that isn't making the best argument for a group of elected officials who were just given back the power to make decisions. In case you've been in Tibet for the last few years, Governor Snyder appointed several Emergency Financial Managers to run Flint, basically stripping locally elected officials of all power. There was a water crisis, and, well, you might want to research that separately. We don't have all day.

The dispute is between most of the city council, who wish to retain Republic Services for city trash disposal, and Mayor Karen Weaver, who, along with Councilman Eric Mays, wishes to sign a contract with Rizzo Environmental, allegedly because it will be cheaper. The City Council, as Davis explains in the video above, has a number of reasons they want to retain Republic, but one of the biggest being the alleged $1.7 million consultant fee former Flint mayor Woodrow Stanley will receive should Rizzo get the contract.

The whole thing has been quite ugly, with Councilman Mays getting arrested at a city council meeting, a temporary cease in trash collection, an outraged public, and the Mayor at odds with most of City Council. Davis -- who may have a checkered past, but makes a lot of sensationalized, yet valid points here --  calls into question the relationship between Weaver and Stanley. He even says that Stanley hand-picked Weaver to run for mayor, and funded her campaign. He essentially claimed that Weaver is Stanley's puppet, saying "he is the mayor."

Is it too much to ask that, just once, the people of Flint have some solid political representation? We've been failed, time and time again by both local and state and the federal government. This kind of childish infighting and mismanagement of funds and public policy is exactly how we ended up with an Emergency Manager in the first place, and we all remember what that lead to...