Last week I told you about a group made up of local artists called 'Flint Colors Together, Flint Stays Together'. Every week each artist creates a new design for you and your kids (if applicable), to color.

Last weekend my boyfriend Nick and I colored 'Frankenstein', and it looks like this weekend we will be coloring a tiger (see below). With all things 'Tiger King' crazy right now, chances are you want to color a tiger too.

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It is absolutely free to print out a picture to color, the only thing the group asks is that you share a picture with them of you, your friends, your kids or whoever coloring. You can do that just by tagging them. To select a picture, click here.

It is no secret that things are beyond stressful right now. I have to tell you the time I took out to color last Saturday was really calming and fun. A glass or two of wine helped too.

Happy coloring! Stay safe, stay home.