Some changes are coming for the Flint Community School District as they will implement a balanced calendar school year.

Schools in the Flint Community School District will be heading back to school on Wednesday, August 7th for the new balanced calendar year. The final day of school for the year will be June 7th, 2020.

The new school year will be split up into sessions of roughly 45 days in class followed by a five-day break. Each school session will focus on a defined learning unit. Once the unit is completed, the students can then be evaluated. If they need additional help, teachers can help get them the support that they need for school.

After all the sessions are completed, the students will have the entire month of July off. Thankfully, that should still leave room for some vacation time for the kids. Looking at it now, I wouldn't have minded a schedule like this growing up.

Source: MLive


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