We are gearing up the the Flint Firebirds home opener this Saturday night and kicking off the Flint Firebirds Coach's Show for the season tonight at Timothy's Pub.

I will kick off my live broadcast at 5:00 pm from Timothy's and in the 6:00 pm hour I will be joined by Head Coach Ryan Ryan Oulahen, Associate Coach Darcy Findlay, Assistant Coach Garrett Rutledge and the voice of the Firebirds, Dominic Hennig. You too can be a part of the show - we take your questions and comments live on air with us. This is totally a family friendly event.

That being said, IF you are 21 and up try the Firebirds Ale, a Flint Firebirds wrap (delicious) or one of my three award winning burgers at Timothy's Pub. The Coach's Show will run the whole hockey season - see the complete list of dates below.

Timothy's Pub is located on Robert T. Longway in Flint. I hope to see you tonight.